5-20-22 Commodity Lumber Report

5-20-22 Commodity Lumber Report

Commodity Lumber continues to gap lower while pricing becomes more attractive as demand and permits decline.

If you need inventory and product then buy what you need as it’s “hard to sell out of an empty wagon”. You know your business better than anyone so don’t let the chatter interfere with your decision making.

Lower prices might appear to signal the end of a few years of irrational market conditions while the bleak reality of an economic slowdown will reverberate across the whole globe for the near term.

On a positive note, I think this is creating a great buying opportunity for those with projects and commitments going forward.

All fruit trees have been picked over but I see some new ones blooming on the horizon. Commodity Lumber 52 week range is still fascinating to look at and I always seem to walk away SMH.

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