8-1-22 Commodity Lumber Report

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September Lumber Futures :arrow_double_down: heads into August with little to no momentum :arrows_counterclockwise: and a much needed defensive stop :raised_hand:.

If Lumber Futures :green_heart::wilted_flower: was a professional baseball :baseball: game, we would be approaching the 7th inning stretch and the fat lady :notes::microphone: would be warming up ,

Commodity Lumber πŸͺ΅ continues to trade in and out​:door: of over sold or over bought conditions faster than rabbits :rabbit2: multiply.

Although the current economic conditions might appear bleak, there could be a silver lining :pray: due to lower overall lumber and wood product cost.

Commodity Lumber πŸͺ΅ pricing in the future might give us a nice opportunity to buy long term inventory needs at historically high levels that might be here to stay.

In conclusion, Lumber related products appear to be trending to an inflation adjusted price that is lower. Our future looks bright albeit higher than normal historical lumber averages that appear to be trending towards a β€œnew normal”, that puts prices in and around the $4?? Fob-Mill, Chicago or Boston.

Have an Awesome Month ! :grinning::clap:
Happy Monday !


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