A DEEP DIVE on "Engineered Wood Products as a Sustainable Construction Material"

This research covers the nitty-gritty details on everything you need to know about “Engineered Wood Products as a Sustainable Construction Material”

Here is the abstract Ranjana Yadav and Jitendra Kumar
“Engineered wood products are considered as best building materials due to environmentally friendly. Huge change to the way in which wood has been utilized in primary application of construction in the course of the most recent 25 years are in light of decreased admittance to high strength timber from growth forests, and the turn of events and creation of various new design of manufactured wood products. Engineered wood products are available in different variety of sizes and measurements like laminated veneer lumber, glued laminated timber, finger jointed lumber, oriental strand board etc. It is utilized for rooftop and floor sheathing, solid structure, beams and the hull of boats. This review objectively explores not only the environmental aspects of the use of different engineered wood composites as a building material, but also their economic aspects, to understand their effect on sustainability.”