About Private Channels

Private Channels give users the power to control who can see and interact with their content.

Private Channels have user Owners and user Members.
Owners have full access to create posts, replies, and view/edit membership of the Owner’s Private Channel. Private Channel Owners can invite any user or non-users to become Members of their Private Channel. Members cannot access the membership list. Member access depends on the Private Channel Mode selected by the Owner.

Private Channels Owners select one of two Modes:
Dispatch Mode: Members get “view only” access.
Floor Mode : Members get “view and reply” access only.

If you are an Owner or a Member of any Private Channel, then they will appear in the “My Channels” drop-down next to the Private Channel Drop Down above.

To create your own Private Channels, learn more, or get support please contact andrew@pakira.com or call 978 500 9301