Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

Do you like them?

Are they distracting?

I was listening to a webinar yesterday afternoon about upcoming trucking regulations, and the speaker mentioned ADAS systems being a possibility.

Why? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 94% of commercial vehicle accidents are due to human error!

The speaker then went on to talk about some of the distraction issues with ADAS in the aviation world, where only 66% of accidents are pilot related.

Check these out:

  • A modern-day passenger airplane is less like a racecar and more like a temperamental printer: you spend more time monitoring and checking systems than you do actually driving the thing. (Excerpt from “Redline” by Darryl Campbell)
  • Pilots interacting with automation can be distracted from flying the aircraft;
  • Flight crews may spend too much time trying to understand the origin, conditions, or causes of an alarm or of multiple alarms, which may distract them from other priority tasks and from flying the aircraft; * From Cockpit Automation – Advantages and Safety Challenges

Do we want truck drivers to be more distracted?