All 4 Highways in Southern BC and Both Rail Lines Blocked or Destroyed

Vancouver, BC, now cut off from the rest of Canadian mainland as all highways going north and east are closed due to mudslides.
The town of Merritt (7,000 people) completely evacuated, large parts of Agassiz under water, power failures, and water treatment plants compromised.


@Madison_s_Lumber_Rep What in the world explains this? Can rain alone cause such damage? Is ground thaw / loss of permafrost also responsible?

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These highways are all beside hillsides along rivers, so the combination of mudslides / washouts and rising river water are the cause.
Southern BC had a full wet-month’s worth of rain in 2 days (more than 200mm) on ground that was already soaked / saturated.
Sept and Oct rainfall was +200% more than normal :-/


Is this rainfall expected to continue?

I hope no other humans or animals are hurt by this . The images from this event are incredible… here is a cow being rescued by a jet ski from yesterday

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Oh wow, just as prices start to stabilize, this happens. @Madison_s_Lumber_Rep is this a large lumber producing area? Do you think that it will have regional/continental effects on lumber prices?

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