BC could be faced with some harvest challenges sooner than later

Are SYP products going to pick up the slack or will we see a plethora of new products blossom from the ground? Have an Awesome weekend.


Great video @Michael_Haas!

  1. I hadn’t thought about how pitch caused by pine beetles is flammable and a trees into a “50 foot fire starter”!

  2. I like how the video references the “old equation” used to set lumber trade tariffs between US & Canada. But they also said U.S. presidential administration has the ability to negotiate. I am still trying to understand the difference between tariffs & duties and the various components that go into setting each. @Madison_s_Lumber_Rep you seem to be an expert on the above. Could you shed some light here or share some resources where we could learn more?

  3. The video references how the U.S. presidential administration is also shutting down some lands from logging, and that this is impacting the industry by reducing log supply. This makes me wonder… do mills have a shortage of logs today?