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BC Fires

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OMG this is so sad and completely INSANE! :exclamation:


Yike’s good homework David.
massive salvage cut needs to be planned.


has anyone considered that the big forest fires we are seeing are related to clear cutting and then replanting limited number of species that have all the trees the same age in these forests? Many larger, older trees are fireproof. Natural forest fires feed on younger trees. I would image the fuel load of a forest with all the same age trees is higher than an all natural forest. In California the eucalyptus trees are an invasive species that burns easier than native trees.

You can never beat Mother Nature


Thank you @Marv_Vandermeer for these insights. Does this mean the “sustainable” logging practices need to be revisited? All over the world, and I would venture to say especially for softwood species in US, Canada, South America, forest land owners plant equidistantly apart trees, like a plantation, as an investment, which they plan to harvest (read log) in 5-10 years. Lots of bush and other young trees emerge in the middle, which never gets cleared. Am I describing an extreme case here?

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I think you are describing an extreme case regarding plantations. Those usually have some sort of fire barrier or planning when developed and are rarely large enough to be a huge issue. Mono culture and environmental issues are a separate issue. And I think the North American hardwood industry is pretty sustainable economically and environmentally. Not perfect, but better than most other places. The softwood situation is terrible in North America. Clear cutting is going to have huge environmental and economic costs over time. Short term greed and a failure to understand the delicate balance of nature will not end well. And the practice is too wide spread now for us to adapt quickly enough. I am not sure if there is any short term solution, and not one that can be agreed upon