Become a Lumber Trader


I don't mean this piece to single anyone out, rather encourage everyone.  We each have been given a title on our jobs. Sales person, buyer, account manager, purchasing agent, VP of something, or perhaps even owner.
 In the lumber industry there is one title or job category that has a double standard or meaning.  That is "lumber trader". Most often a lumber trader is thought of as an office wholesaler which implies a paper trader or one who does not actually take possession of the products.
   My perception, understanding, definition of a lumber trader goes beyond that limited scope of paper shuffling, gambler.  A lumber trader has an ongoing, day-by-day pulse of the current state-of-the-market.  The professional lumber traders knows where the balance of supply and demand has come from, where it currently is and where it is going.  This awareness enables them to properly align long and short positions with momentum and volume.  Lumber traders are calculated risk takers.
 All lumber and panel buyers should aspire to be excellent lumber traders.  All mill production sellers should be lumber traders.  Each informed with knowledge and understanding of both sides of a trade and proficient at both buying and selling.        LLG's mission is to be Lumber Market Educators, developing and refining lumber trader skills in each of its members.
 When I refer to you as a lumber trader it is meant to inspire you to join the ranks of the lumber market's most skilled participants.  Become the informer, the leader, the unexpendable.  Dare to become a Lumber Trader.  LLG creates Lumber Traders.


You refer to the lumber broker who does not take possession of the title and are just but office paper pushers. Traders, on the other hand, actually take possession either on futures (back-to-back orders) or speculative buys all requiring the trading company to take possession and own the buys.

I would not recommend anyone wanting to get into the business by joining up with the many Portland-based trading companies as they utilize a very restrictive non-compete employment contract on trading hires. Never, ever sign these agreements, especially in Oregon & Mississippi. When I resigned after 18 years, my former company stole millions of dollars in earned income and investments and they were, and still are, allowed to do so by Oregon state law. Just a precautionary note.

I still need current prices on exterior plywood and OSB prices as no longer can access Random Lengths. If anyone has this information can email to so not to upset the market folks running these market reports.


Well said Matt…


Love the cryptic messages. Sign of ____?


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