Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

Activity ramped up in the lumber market yesterday. Strong demand along with additional mill offerings gave traders what was needed to make it the best day of the week so far for orders. The mills had product that could ship in two weeks and some that would deliver only next month. There was a wide range of prices among the mills with varied availability. Buyers were kept busy doing the necessary homework to uncover the cheaper offerings and the more viable opportunities. The lack of truckers continues to wreak havoc for deliveries from eastern mills and reloads throughout the U.S.


It is incredible to hear about so much activity happening at these price levels! Glad to finally see some quicker shipments going out, do you think these quick shipments will last long?


More clients have been quicker to react and have covered more upcoming needs, not chancing having to pay the much higher prices seen last year. Truck shipments are a major problem for many entities and will continue to be until demand backs off tremendously