Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

The sales pace eased in the eastern spruce lumber market yesterday, although demand remained vibrant and needs apparent. A lack of offerings from the eastern mills and higher asking prices on what was offered caused buyer hesitation and deliberation. There was also much focus on late shipments and trying to get accurate or reliable information related to them. Often, changes and revisions were made to existing orders to enhance deliveries. Nine foot and shorter stud items remained very difficult to source and procure from the mills.


Your eastern mills include Canada @william_giguere. Not hearing any panic in your “voice” here for the disruption created by the Canadian Truckers protests and the blocking of the border along the Easter seaboard. The shipments, last week’s, this week’s, and subsequently next couple of weeks (even if the protests end today) must be impacting delivery times big time, and driving up the prices.