Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

There was better activity but few orders in the eastern spruce lumber market yesterday. Buyers were anxious, wanting to cover pressing needs but were very leery of prices. Many looked for guidance on how best to maneuver through this volatile and ever-changing market we have. There were no easy answers or solutions. Clients gravitated to the offerings that made sense to them while pushing the envelope on prices to get the best deal possible. The mills are still handcuffed from promising quick deliveries, but they are making progress on getting their late shipments out the door.


Hi @william_giguere thank you again for the insightful info. Glad to hear the mills are making progress in shipping out the older orders.

Given how intricately involved you are on a daily basis w/ the market, I am wondering whether your votes on some of the older Pakira polls, especially those regarding market prices, inventory, etc. have proven you correct time after time? We only started running polls since December 2021, but there have been a few in those categories. The full list is in the Pakira Polls channels – here is a link for your convenience Pakira Polls - Pakira Forum