Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

There was substantial business transacted to begin the new week in the lumber market yesterday. Clients were poised to react to the many items they wanted and needed. Buyers focused on the mills that were lower priced and offered quicker deliveries, while keying on the items most in demand of. It made for non-stop action throughout the day. Eastern mills sold quickly and often. It did not take long for those that could deliver in early May to be now out for later in the month. Clients pressed for quicker wood only to find limited and higher priced options.


thank you @william_giguere! excellent synopsis!
So lots of market activity and demand for inventory. Seems like delivery times continue to be a priority in this market and inventory levels are being depleted. Would it be helpful to run another Pakira Poll on inventory levels soon? Or poll which part of the supply chain has the highest levels of inventory? This would give us a picture of what’s happening in the industry at large, across the board …