Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

It was an overall good start to the week in the lumber market yesterday. Many different entities participated over a wide range of products giving the mills and the reloads a healthy dose of orders. There was also much commonality of prices that could be found among the eastern mills on many items. This similarity and stability helped support buying decisions, whether shipments were quick from the mills or deferred to August. Scheduled and timely deliveries were key to many of the orders transacted.


“Stability”, rarely do we hear about that. What leads to pricing stability? A steady flow of orders?


@Andrew_Gibson Can one even consider something “stable” if only for a week? :joy:


supply and demand are in sync keeping prices from moving very much, although prices have been grinding higher from their recent lows. Stability suggests little movement in prices, much different than what the market has experienced over the last couple of years. stability has replaced volatility for the moment.


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