Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

The eastern spruce lumber market continued to chug along last Friday as steady demand kept orders flowing to distributors and the mills. Sales throughout the week were enough to keep prices trading in a narrow range although supply seemed more pronounced than demand by week’s end. The mills directed their attention to any accumulations they had such as in boards, low grade and 2x3. There were also some discounted straight lengths available in the higher grades that were item specific. Mill truck shipments are generally 1 to 2 weeks. Car shipments are much longer.


Bill are Mill trucks at 1-2 weeks due to transport or product availability?


Combination of both. there have been some delays in product getting actually delivered once it has been picked up at the mills, more so than seen in the past. This I presume is because truckers are not seeing or getting the backhauls they have had to choose from.