Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

Prices continued to adjust downward on most eastern spruce lumber items last week. The mills showed some resistance, stronger on 2x4 studs but less so on 2x6 studs. Random dimension items saw minor corrections. Demand was relatively consistent last week allowing distributors to attain higher prices for their quicker shipping products. Eastern mill deliveries were out to the second week of January, which in their own rite, allowed clients to take delivery then at slightly lower numbers. This drew a fair amount of interest as many felt that prices were as low as they were going to be.


@william_giguere Do you think this will be a slow ahead ahead of the new year? or will this be a busy week as people prepare for 2023, buying up deals while they last, etc.


Many are away which will greatly impact the activity. it will be a quieter week allowing for more preparation for next year than buying this week


Will certainly be interesting to see how the new year kicks off!