Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

There was steady activity with better customer participation in the lumber market yesterday. Some of those that were hesitant prior, stepped in and covered needs the best they could. Prices were higher but in most cases getting the product became the priority. Buyers were able to find some additional offerings from the mills which turned into quick orders, but material from the mills continued to be more scarce than available. Distributors remained defensive, carefully managing what inventories they have. Customers were also willing to wait to get product at lower numbers.


Impressive @william_giguere you are able to track such slight market tweaks from day to day! Please upload your photo so people can quickly identify and look for your posts. :grinning:

@william_giguere Do you suspect mills have more available for sale than on offer?

When you say “customers”, who are you referring to?

I do believe the mills have more lumber available than they are offering but they are trying to manage their shipments and not over commit

Customers are retailers, manufacturers, jobbers, distributors and other wholesalers.