Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

Although it was a busy day for traders yesterday, the lumber market seemed unsettled. There were indications that prices would go lower but the mechanics were not in place for them to do so. The eastern mills had products on the ground they wanted to sell but had no way to get them to market quick enough to make an impact. With the Thanksgiving holiday looming, shipments from the Canadian mills are basically for December delivery. Options to getting material sooner are limited to distributor’s reloads, which with recent takeaways, voids have developed.


How come distributors are able to get material out sooner while mills are not?
Are reloads facing similar mechanics, or lack there of, to the sawmills?
Is this transportation shortage (trucking vs rail, long haul vs short haul) impacting all players equally?


@Andrew_Gibson great questions. I think to respond to you, @william_giguere will have to produce some graphs on the fly … 3-dimensional :rofl: