Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

It was another hectic day in the lumber market yesterday. Buyers were scrambling, trying to cover orders quoted just the day before and not having much luck. Prices on many of the items had risen, more quickly and higher than anticipated. Demand fueled the increased orders given to the mills and through distributors. The lack of available product from the mills once again became prevalent, causing some panic and disarray in the market. Recent heavy rains and mudslides out west have basically cutoff Vancouver island from the lumber market, exacerbating the situation.


When you say

Is the lack of available product a lack of prompt wood or orders file? If a product isn’t prompt, but you can place an order into the file, then would you say it’s available?

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lack of available means that at that point in time it is not available for sale from them. it might be later at a different price


That’s interesting. Does this mean availability is a function of a decision by the producer, rather than their capacity for production? There’s something here…

What limits a mills ability to make a decision? Market volatility?

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