Bill's Corner- An Eastern Spruce Perspective

Activity in the eastern spruce market last week was quite hectic, even for a work shortened week. Prices surged on strong demand and low supply. Although shipments continued to be problematic along many routes, the lack of available product from the eastern mills proved to be the catalyst that caused the spike in lumber prices. Many eastern mills have solid order files with limited production forecasted on several items. Many mill shipments are only for mid-December. This post will be on hiatus, returning Monday December 6th.


Happy holidays @william_giguere! Please enjoy your much-deserved time off! At the current rate, I’m guessing you will come back to a market and inventory that has appreciated in value!


Hello @william_giguere you have been the indefatigable quarry of neutral and accurate info in the Eastern Spruce Perspective on the Pakira Forum and NA in general – thank you, merci, gracias! We can all ride on your accumulated info for a while until you return and bring back your fresh perspective. Hope you are getting fun time off w/ family and friends – well deserved! :grinning: