Building Material Supply Chain Steadily Improving

Building Material Supply Chain Steadily Improving

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Originally Published by: John Burns Real Estate Consulting — October 20, 2022

John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) published this chart from their survey of building products dealers. For the second month in a row, no LBMs have reported worsening conditions in the supply chain. Within the survey’s commentary it appears that production has finally been allowed to catch up to demand now that it has slowed.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) has become a trusted source for solid, well-sourced data on the housing market. That’s why SBCA is pleased to announce it has entered into a cooperative partnership with JBREC to collect and disseminate data unique to the component manufacturing industry. By participating in the SBCA/JBREC survey, component manufacturers (CMs) will have access to a wealth of timely and valuable information regarding home builder activity, expectations, and sentiment. The information JBREC collects through this survey will further enhance the value of the information they provide to the market and raise awareness of what CMs are seeing from their vantage point in the residential construction supply chain.

To participate in the SBCA/JBREC survey, and begin gaining access to existing JBREC data, please fill out this participant form: