Calling all Lumber & Panel Experts

I have a dream…that one day softwood framing lumber and panel prices will be free from bondage of one oppressive master.

That all lumber marketeers would have free access to current lumber and panel prices being traded fob mill on a daily basis.

I have a dream…that lumber traders making these transactions would willfully and honestly share these transactions without self serving interests, rather for the greater good of our beloved lumber industry, that all businesses and people may prosper and engage in fair trade with faith and confidence that they are being enlightened with truth.

I have a dream that one day The Scouting Report will become the industry standard for transparent current lumber and panel prices provided “for the lumber industry; by the lumber industry.”

Will you join the movement to revolutionize and bring lumber pricing into the 21st century?

If so, we invite ethical, honorable, unbiased scouts willing to share with those less informed the following prices as you encounter them.

The categories are as follows:
All prices fob mill direct to buyer.
2x4-2x12 8’-16’ or 8’-20’ good assortment tallies or specified lengths.
Southern Yellow Pine, East NC-AL & West MS-TX
Western US Dry Hem Fir / Doug Fir Coastal & Inland/ Green Doug Fir
Western Canadian SPF

2x4-2x6#2 8’-16’ good assortment tallies or specified lengths.
Eastern Canadian SPF
Euro fob Atlantic or Gulf ports.
Studs all species
2x4, 2x6 8’ 9’ trims

7/16 & 23/32 T&G OSB
15/32 CDX

Prices will be tabulated in algorithmic format weighted by recency and volume.
and sorted by shipment time.

Are you an expert in any of these products?

Only vetted and approved Scouts may contribute.

Would you like to be considered for one of these elite positions?

If so, respond in the Scouting Report private channel or to me in a secure chat to arrange an interview.

Looking Forward,
Matt Layman

P.S. This will be offered as a free service to the lumber industry. Scouts will be acknowledged in the publications.