Can you say "ouch"!


Oof! Do you agree this will have an impact on the prices for just about everything?


@Andrew_Gibson it’s got to have an impact, if it hasn’t already! It will certainly impact small trucking/delivery companies and owner/operators, and there may be an aftereffect of reduced competition for loads on top of just the added cost of delivery.

Prices have almost doubled since February and have gone up almost $0.50 in the past month. A truck doing 500 miles per day or 2500 per week will have an extra $200 or so added on to their weekly fuel bill. Smaller transportation companies can’t suck this up, and larger ones may choose not to.

It will be interesting to see, and that may be “bad” interesting!


Common carrier rates seem to be easing ???


It is an interesting conundrum @Michael_Haas. I know that rates for April were lower for the most part, but it does look like the rates are climbing a little this month. We deal mainly with private fleets doing last mile and local (less than 150 miles) delivery, so I don’t have as much insight into over the road news.

Thanks for the thought/question as it made me do a little more research! Another reason why we need more people to participate and create discussion in this forum!


It’s the purest form of supply and demand theory in action. The solution is being able to spot the trends ahead of time so you see and react to what you see instead of waiting for it to happen and reacting. That’s the industry we are in and you can either fight it or figure out alternative strategies to survive and prosper .