Carbon Credits

Has anyone had any positive experiences bringing any timberland to market for de-commercialization? We’d love to offer a link to forest owners/operators to list their land but so far haven’t found any platform that has automated this process.

Alex @ Mickey


“If a gallon of gasoline weighs only 6 lbs, how does it produce 20 lbs of CO2?”

The clue is in the question. That is, it’s the weight of CO2 that statistic refers to, and each CO2 molecule contains two atoms of oxygen for every atom of carbon. Whilst the carbon comes from the fuel, the oxygen is from the atmosphere. As each oxygen atom has a mass one-third greater than that of a carbon atom, it follows that each CO2 molecule is, by mass, 27% carbon and 73% oxygen. Or, put it another way, for every one pound of carbon there are 2.67 pounds of oxygen making up 3.67 pounds of CO2.

As gasoline/petrol is approximately 87% carbon (the rest is hydrogen, which is very light) that means that each pound of petrol/gasoline will create just over 3.2 pounds of CO2. So, multiply 6 by 3.2 and you get 19.2 pounds of CO2. (A US gallon of gasoline actually weighs a little more than 6 pound which will round it up to, near enough, 20 pounds).


That’s assuming your calculations are at 1 atmosphere or at ground level. As one goes up in elevation, the answer changes downward. Just for clarification. Don’t mean to interfere with your explanation.