Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: Final Results CVD/AD Administrative Review, 2019

Softwood Lumber Duty increase filed today on the US Federal Register, dated tomorrow: Dec 2, 2021

The next Administrative Review of the Softwood Lumber Duty is expected to be released during the first few months of next year and would take effect at the end of next year / the beginning of 2023.

FULL STORY: https://madisonsreport.com/2021/12/01/certain-softwood-lumber-products-from-canada-final-results-cvd-ad-administrative-review-2019/

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The Department of Commerce (Commerce) determines that producers and
exporters of certain softwood lumber products (softwood lumber) from Canada received
countervailable subsidies during the period of review, January 1, 2019, through December 31,

This means that the countervailing duties above will only effect the Jan 1 - Dec 31 2019 period correct? The wording is not very clear


It’s always retroactive; this result of the Administrative Review is from data during 2019 and goes into effect today.