Changing consumer trends for the hardwood flooring market

“Currently, it seems the ‘holy grail’ product is a natural, neutral, light wood with no undertones, a matte finish and some slight texture on the surface-like a freshly cut piece of wood,”

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My first thought was to check out what the Scandinavian countries are doing in that regard, and the article did cover it – “Scandinavia, the mother of the current trend of airy naturals, is starting to turn to “musty dark colors, brown and greys,” and in Central Europe, consumers are reconnecting with “lively, rustic products” in brown tones.”

As well as an observation on human nature – "As human nature continually drives us from one end of the spectrum to the other, midtones represent a compromise. "

Design trends. Color trends. Style trends. Come and go, and swing back. Supply chains should be reacting dynamically … That’s what’s in store for

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