Conifers Communicating?

I thought this was strange. Has anyone else seen this study?


I have not seen this study but it is a known fact that conifers communicate through scent. Acacia tress fill their leaves with a toxin when fed on by giraffes and send a warning to neighbouring trees to move the giraffes father along.
An excellent read on tress is 'The Hidden Life of Trees" by Peter Wohlleben. You will never look at a tree the same again!


Thank you @Heather_Karleen and @Craig_Parker !
Who knew there is sooooo much more to you all than kick-ass LBM business savviness! I will certainly read up on Peter Wohlleben’s book, so as to never look at a tree the same again!

Last week while attending the GBM organized by BC Wood @Brian_Hawrysh @Kit_Crowe on the way to dinner at the top of the Whistler mountain i was riding the gondola w/ some of the top BC wood species experts. I learned so much! And fell in love with Western Yellow Cedar (the most durable wood there is, whose cones look like large clusters of small yellow flowers decorating the tree). On my run next morning found some Western Yellow Cedar in the forest, took a branch to our booth and brought it home to Boston! :smile:


Nice! What a beautiful way to be introduced to our Cedar trees!!

You will love the book but try to get the illustrated coffee table edition if you can . The pictures are extraordinary!! I look forward to your thoughts after you read it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: