Current Lumber Pricing Is Waking Up The Bulls?


Lumber prices continue to retreat while supply chain issues continue to mount. My guess is that for the rest of the year supply volatility could be greater than pricing volitility. I’m not sure how much more anyone could pay to use lumber or related goods for any project that isn’t a necessity. The infrastructure to get a tree to the mill to the end user requires a multitude of related industries to operate smoothly and as we all know that’s been a challenge. Whether that gets better soon or down the road is anyones guess but in the end we’ll all have some fire :fire: pit stories to share with anyone whom will listen . have an Awesome Day!!

@Michael_Haas Within the “multitude of related industries” required for smooth operation, where do you see the biggest rough patch?

Also, could you shed some more light on what you mean by “supply volatility”? What are the biggest risks of supply volatility? Supply chain breakdown?