Demand in NH high for wood, pellets as weather cools amid high heating fuel costs

Cooler temperatures are just around the corner, meaning heating season has nearly in New Hampshire at a time when fuel costs remain high.

A gallon of heating oil in New Hampshire on Thursday was $4.72. Propane costs $3.77, while kerosene costs $5.77 per gallon. The high prices have some looking for alternative ways to stay warm this winter.

“If you have access to an alternative fuel – wood, pellet, things like that – it helps a lot,” said Matthew Mair, owner of Black Moose Chimney and Stove.

Mair said his business has seen an uptick in interest.

“We typically start to get busy around early August or so every year,” he said. “It was definitely much earlier this year. I mean, late June, early July, we started to get a lot of phone calls and demand for people trying to prepare for the heating season this winter.”

Robblee Tree Service, a family business that specializes in tree removal and also sells firewood, has been getting 30 to 40 calls per day, the owners said.

“It’s usually busy, but I think there’s more pressure,” said Andrew Robblee, of Robblee Tree Service. “People are sensing there’s going to be a need this winter, and people are a little bit more nervous.”

His sister, Victoria Robblee, said some customers are already stocking up for next year.

“We have such a long wood-burning season here in New Hampshire, so I think folks are trying to be a little bit more prepared,” she said.

Experts note that anyone using a pellet or wood stove this winter needs to do more than just secure fuel.

“People want to try to prevent fires. Chimney fire season started early already. We have some of those happening around,” Mair said. “So, try to keep that stuff clean and working efficiently, and burn good, dry wood if you can.”

Written by Hannah Cotter
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