Driver Acceptance of In-Cab Cameras

A DQT, we just started offering dashcams to our customers last year. In-cab cameras are a hot topic, so that I read a lot of press on the subject to educate myself and my clients on the pros and cons.

This excerpt was from the Heavy Duty Trucking E-news. If you’re interested in the entire article, let me know. I found a very interesting blurb, especially the last figure! Link to the full article is below.

“Some 52% of fleet drivers view themselves as safer and 53% say they are more careful behind the wheel following in-cab camera adoption, according to a survey of more than 500 professional drivers conducted by Together for Safer Roads (TSR). Moreover, over a quarter of those surveyed recall having avoided a crash due to in-cab alerts and more than one in five drivers have been exonerated based on in-cab footage.”

Read the full article here


WOW! I’m sure truckers would be interested in hearing that. I’d lead with this and it would be cool to back it up with some testimonials.