Ecohelix to build production facility entirely from wood in Sweden

Ecohelix has created an industry first and commercially scalable technology using currently untapped hemicellulose as a raw material in biopolymer production. Patented technology uses biotechnology and membrane filtration to produce a wood-based hemicellulose/lignin copolymer, by mimicking the way wood itself does so in nature

This first production plant will be integrated to Domsjö Fabriker´s pulp mill in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. As a circular economy company, Ecohelix follows the principles of sustainability and circularity also in the production plant’s construction exclusively using wood, which today is still quite novel.

Picture 1: An artist’s rendering of the Ecohelix production facility in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Visualization: August Wiklund, Sweco Architects

Putting sustainability first

Picture 2: Oskar Schmidt, Ecohelix Chief Technology Officer

“We follow our principles and values in everything we do. We are curious, deliver what´s agreed and respect nature. That´s why we selected an innovative and sustainable approach, also when planning and building our production facilities. As the Ecohelix production unit in Domsjö will be built completely from wood, we are using the same natural material in the construction, as we use as a raw material in our production,” said Oskar Schmidt, Ecohelix Chief Technology Officer.

“And it´s not only about the environment or about being close to nature, but also from the wellbeing and aesthetic perspective. According to many studies, working and being in a wooden building is a positive experience and we want to provide such a workplace for future Ecohelix employees. For those people who want to work in a sustainable and inspiring environment that supports their wellbeing, this is also a competitive advantage that attracts talent to work for Ecohelix,” he added.

Building entirely from wood - Ecohelix sustainable production facility - Ecohelix.