Historic wage increases at the Kruger plant in Trois-Rivières: New 4-year agreement signed!

Trois-Rivières - Unifor is proud to announce the conclusion of a historic agreement in principle between the employees at the Kruger plant in Trois-Rivières and the company’s management, putting an end to the strike that began on May 30, 2024.

Union members overwhelmingly approved the agreement at ratification meetings held throughout the week. This new four-year collective agreement marks a major milestone for employees, with unprecedented wage increases and substantial improvements to benefits, vacation, pension and the introduction of an overtime bank for production employees.

The salary increases are spectacular: from May 1, 2024, employees will benefit from an 8% salary adjustment and an additional 3% increase. In 2025, wages will be further increased by $1.30 per hour. For 2026 and 2027, employees will receive a guaranteed increase of 2.25% or more, depending on the pattern in effect. In addition, production employees will see their wages increase by $1.25 per hour, and Skilled Trades workers will benefit from an increase of $1.00 per hour as of 2024. Shift premiums will also increase, to $1.00 per hour for evenings and $1.25 per hour for nights. In total, these increases represent a cumulative rise of 24% over the life of the collective agreement.

“We’re absolutely delighted with this historic agreement,” said Steeve St-Pierre, national representative for Unifor Québec. “Our members have shown unwavering commitment and exemplary determination to obtain working conditions that live up to what they deserve. This is a monumental victory for us all.”

Joël Vigeant, forestry sector coordinator for Unifor Québec, added: “This victory demonstrates the inestimable value of the workers’ contribution. Thanks to their perseverance and unity, we were able to achieve significant gains that will transform their daily lives.”

Daniel Cloutier, Unifor’s Quebec Director, cheered the members: “A huge bravo to our members for their unshakeable determination and exemplary solidarity. Their hard work and that of the negotiating committee were decisive in securing this historic agreement. Their perseverance deserves all our admiration.”

Employees will return to work at 11 p.m. Wednesday evening, allowing the plant to resume normal operations.
Source: https://www.unifor.org/news/all-news/historic-wage-increases-kruger-plant-trois-rivieres-new-4-year-agreement-signed