Homebuilders Continue Calls to Solve Supply Bottlenecks



Reaching out to the federal government and putting the supply chain bottlenecks and the problems with lumber on the radar of President Biden is good. What the article is lacking is what everyone already knows: several of these problems can be ameliorated via technology. It’s just that this technology needs to be constructed in a thoughtful, all inclusive fashion, not favoring any specific elements within the supply chain, and with input from the industry. This could make a real dent in the outstanding lumber shortage problem. https://www.pakira.com/

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@Nadia you made me wonder, “how can these problems be fixed with technology?”. Here are my thoughts …

Problem 1: Lumber market volatility.
Tech can help by informing the market and all its players. Boom/bust cycles are caused when either side of a market is surprised. The more informed a buyer or seller is, the more prepared/less suprised they will be when they go to market in the future.

Problem 2: Supply chain bottlenecks.
This problem is bigger than any single player and needs resources to be moved across the industry. The easiest way to bring the industry together is on a platform like Pakira Forum! I am not saying Pakira can solve the labor or transportation shortage, but here we can begin the discussion by bringing together the industry.

Problem 3: renegotiate tarrrifs
Similar to problem 2, this is a complex industry problem. That said, the negotiation table could not possibly represent all the players in the industry. But, a platform like Pakira has the potential to bring all these voices into one place and begin a well-rounded discussion.