How does one Hedge/Basis Trade/Forward Price OSB?

Hi gang!

I’m interested in how OSB is being traded. Can you share your best practices when it comes to Basis trading of OSB.

Do you measure the basis of OSB against the lumber futures, or is there other, more precise indicator?

My question may sound completely dumb, but I reassure you, it’s because I am in fact, completely dumb.

All tips are welcomed. Thank you gang!



Great question @David_Stallcop @David_Bagdy @william_giguere could you guys shed some light on your experience of the best practices for how OSB is traded?

Looking at the Pakira Directory, I see a few others buy and sell OSB @Rhys_Thompson @Stephen_Coppola @Cory_Burks, could you guys share some of your insights here?


Hi @Alex_Boivin I think many of the people @Andrew_Gibson tagged were checked out and not online because they were all attending the NAWLA Traders Market in AZ. Another helpful person here would be @Michael_Haas who generates his own Lumber Commodity Report every day. We’ll try to pull him into the discussion …


Hey @kipp_klupacs @Zane_Commerford, do you have any OSB trading insights here to help out this intelligent young ambitious trader @Alex_Boivin?


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