IKEA to leave Russia

IKEA leaves Russia

June 15, 2022

Photo: Depositphotos

The Swedish retailer IKEA plans to sell its plants in Russia. This was announced at a meeting of the IKEA Industry Tikhvin labor union today, on June 15.

“IKEA plants in Tikhvin, Vyatka and Novgorod will be sold, and half of the employees will be offered to leave “by agreement of the parties.” Ikea stores will no longer open, all leftover goods will be sold out,” the union said in a statement.

All remaining items will be sold online from July 1st. Stores will be sold, warehouses will also be sold.

Earlier, IKEA has paused operations of its stores and three woodworking factories in Russia. Russian MEGA shopping centers, also owned by IKEA, will continue to operate as usual.