Increasing Delivery Runs from 2 to 3 per Day!

Last week, I was just doing a basic sales follow up with a new customer. For those of you in sales, this is why you do these types of activities. In a 10-minute call, this guy gave me 3 true nuggets. Here is the best one, and also a pretty good advert for our stuff :wink:

We have a customer who has increased daily runs from 2/day to 3/day/truck all within 6 weeks of implementing our solution!

How? In less than 2 minutes, they have the ability to: view the rest of today’s or tomorrow’s orders, see what trucks have availability and are heading back, create the new run, & optimize the route. The scheduler instantly knows the route, the estimated travel time and distance, as well as the ETA of the 4 deliveries! Pretty sweet, eh!


What’s this visual layout? Is this a platform you use?


Great question @Alex_Rabens ! That is a collage of screen shots from the delivery management platform that we (DQ Technologies) develops and sells to wholesale distributors.