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Have seen a few posts regarding products or technologies aimed at bringing further transparency and optimization to the timber/ lumber space. As a fairly new entrant to the market, I’m curious, what is the greatest single web based tool/technology that has made your job easier? (i.e. contributed the most to sales, research, making new contacts, exploring new markets, ease of use for day to day operations, etc.) The current landscape is far and wide, but I notice a lot of great companies attempting to bridge those gaps, Pakira being one of them.


@Arham_Farid, great question!

@David_Stallcop, as someone who is at the forefront of the industry and constantly looking into new innovations in the industry, this is a great question for you. What are some of the best tools you have seen so far?


By far, Pakira is the best tool out there for our industry and it is only getting better and better each day as more people join and contribute and as Pakira expands is offerings. I can’t wait for the iPhone App!! :slight_smile:


You heard it here first folks! Doesn’t get much better than a testimonial from the one and only @David_Stallcop.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then be sure to go checkout the Map view for Industry Search. This new tool released last week at the International Builders Show and everyone loved it! I’d love to get your thoughts @Arham_Farid, @David_Stallcop, and everyone else.

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Don’t worry @David_Stallcop, Once Pakira finished the first iteration of our Platform, then we will release the Pakira iPhone App. We are revolutionizing the industry one step at a time :rocket:

Further, I’d love to keep this conversation going and hear about what others tools people find helpful :+1: