Is there really a driver shortage?


Interesting take @Mike_Kotloski. I agree that manual systems in the industry could be causing inefficient practices. Could digitizing these processes be a solution to such an issue— similar to how Pakira is taking the wood industry online?


@Madison_Hibner great segue and idea for my next post! Digitization is definitely a component; and of course, I’d say it’s the best solution if I put my sales cap on :wink: While a solution like our Order Delivery Tracking (ODT) software does digitize the whole routing/scheduling/delivery process, I think the best thing it does is create the framework and infrastructure to be proactive and create a plan. If there is a plan for today or tomorrow, I think you’ve automatically created better efficiency which helps you deal with the fires that arise.


There’s a shortage of drivers who won’t work for free anymore


Without truckers, the entire country would shut down in 2-3 days. It makes me smile every time I hear businesses saying that they pay top dollar for truckers as a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Have you seen an increase in people who are paying up for trucking? and do you think paying up for trucking is in the long term best interest of companies today?


@Andrew_Gibson it’s an interesting conversation to have, and I’m not seeing companies push that angle. We are seeing some definite changes and advancements with efforts to retain drivers. Smart companies are investing in dash cams and properly promoting them as a tool to protect their drivers, not to spy on them. We’ve also seen the operating cost per mile for trucks increase, and it’s not only because of fuel costs as some companies are actually increasing driver’s pay!


In an industry where delays and dropped loads are regularly occurring, and increased prices lead to an increased margin revenue … it would make sense to pay a premium for better service here. What do others think?