Let’s Help To House The 26,000 Displaced.

Open Call - Let’s FixTheHouse & BuildTheHome Empowering Communities for Holistic Well-being:

In the wake of the recent devastating dam spillage in Ghana, Monart City’s Urban NEXT project stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Launched two years prior to this catastrophic event, our mission has taken on a renewed urgency in the face of the challenges posed by the displacement of over 26,000 people.

As we stand at the intersection of urbanization, environmental consciousness, and community well-being, we present the URBAN-X community development and urban planning model —an innovative approach to urban development that transcends traditional paradigms.

We invite the general public, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and visionary investors to join us in shaping sustainable futures for cities and communities.

We know life is precarious everywhere today and everyone is vying for the shrinking charity pie. Money is just a means to an ends - resources. If like many, you are also short of money but have skills and time to offer, those are a large part of what we would spend money that we receive on.

So alternatively, you could donate your skills and time to become apart of this big special family and community. The Future we see and envision as testament to our commitment and dedication towards the crisis, is a big family reunion that join forces to replace the frown with smiles.

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Hey guys, please let’s share and contribute to this community development campaign.

We have interesting things that will come up from it that will be of massive benefits to the entire Pakira community.