Limited Supply Sends Softwood Lumber Prices Higher

Once again for a very unusual time of year, softwood lumber prices firmed up yet more in late October. Sales volumes were encouraging, especially for the time of year, as sawmills extended order files out four weeks. Based on the regular historical seasonal cycle, it is not normal for lumber prices to be increasing in autumn. However, this was the case last year. As seen by the graphs attached, the price of benchmark softwood lumber commodity Western S-P-F 2x4 is closely following the trend of last year.

Showing surprising strength in ongoing increases when usually lumber prices are dropping, in the week ending October 22, 2021, the price of Western S-P-F 2x4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$630 mfbm, which is up by a remarkable +$35, or +6%, from the previous week when it was $595. This price is up by +$142, or +29%, from one month ago when it was $488.

Buyers of Western S-P-F in the United States continued to run up against palpably limited availability.

“Softwood lumber producers and distributers alike related increasing problems with logistics.” — Madison’s Lumber Reporter

FULL STORY: Limited Supply Sends Softwood Lumber Prices Higher

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beautifully done @Madison_s_Lumber_Rep ! certainly beats the lumber futures curves we have on Pakira Forum, but would be nice to compare and juxtapose :grinning:


Are you referring to lumber or bitcoin?!


crazy! good bitcoin analogy @Andrew_Gibson :slight_smile:

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i know, right!!




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