Lumber Companies Getting New Lease on Life

An international company revives a SC lumber mill. What will be interesting to see if this represents the beginning of a potential increase of lumber supply as a result of economic forces pushed by sustained high prices. I am interested to see if an increase in market suppliers will drive down lumber prices. What are your thoughts?


Glad to see more lumber supply coming on. It is also interesting to see the new ownership. Wear Fraser is one of, if not the, largest sawmill operators in Canada. West Fraser is on a spree of acquisitions in the US. Soon their US production (SYP) will be greater than their Canadian production (WSPF, Doug fir).

I wonder if and how they will be running thing differently.


@Andrew_Gibson and @Easmond_Tsewole i agree we are witnessing a rush in acquisitions in the North American market and from foreign companies buying up mills to beef up their upstream resources, and lower their supply chain risk. Especially for such large behemoths that are vertically integrated, such as West Fraser and Georgia Pacific.