Lumber Future Doesn't Look Bright, Shortages And Tariffs To Continue, More Curtailing And Shutdowns

As always, here is an entertaining and educational video from the Uneducated Economist.


Look for another housing bubble where a large amount of these new homes built with these increased lumber and building material costs will be underwater, followed by large drops in existing home sales and prices, following an uptick in the Fed interest rates along with all the other issues the nation is facing with its aggression toward our trade partners implementing punishing tariffs and the issues presently seen in Europe involving a preamble to a possible regional conflict between Ukraine and Russia. My guess we are headed for another long drawn-out recession soon.

IF the Feds were doing their job, they would have already started an incline of interest rates some time ago but appears to be playing politics by allowing Trump, and now Biden, their request for an overheated economy leading to hyperinflation that we are already seeing.


Surprise…I totally agree Jeff.


@Matt_Layman @Jeff_Lassle you guys are funny! :smiley:

I agree as well. The million dollar question though is timing. Those who can predict accurately rule the world. In the lumber market, this is @Matt_Layman 's LLG department. We are awaiting the $2,000 price in March first …
Yes, lots going on in the world, and little is optimistic unfortunately.


@Matt_Layman. No surprise, you know the market better than I as I am not in it as I once was. Why then can we not convince our politicians to stop the tariffs, open up the Keystone pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, stop the huge spending on everything from free golf balls to the poor or crack pipes to addicts. I’ve been trying for a long time, to no avail, working with the Tariff Reform Coalition to get industry’s point across.

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The” Trend”is your friend. It’s only moving in two directions !! Pick One


Funny you should ask about politicians’ interactions with large private organizations. At this moment I’m watching a documentary on Netflix “Killing Jimmy Hoffa” and next is “Killing Oswald” I’m just saying…ironic.