Lumber futures are down today, but the market is buying up Euro again and mills are raising prices - David @ Stallcop Group LLC

Distributors and wholesalers are ignoring the fact that lumber futures are down again today and they started stepping in out of the gate first thing this morning and buying Euro SPF out of the ports. Many sales agents and mills are raising prices and reducing the volumes they are offering out in expectation that we hit a bottom again and are bouncing back up. They are expecting to be able to get higher prices tomorrow than today once the overall market wakes up to the fact that buyers are out in droves this morning. What are you seeing or hearing today in your markets?


@Matt_Layman @william_giguere @Michael_Haas @Thomas_Mende @David_Hoglund @Heather_Karleen how does this correspond to your market observations and interactions/transactions?


David is boots on the ground I believe him and this is a Forecasted Decision Point week#35 on LLGs forecast. The stars lining up. Michael Haas was bullish last week. My “cult” is buying this week. Builders are still rushing to beat year end. Cover thru October to avoid buying higher later in September


Cash business has been good/busy here. Continue plugging my ears on the over reported recession that we all know is coming. Maybe these gloom and doom forecasters are actually helping my current business… - by having some of my competition lay low (?) :slight_smile:


I’m hearing lots of Euro for sale at bargains making room for arriving boats. Plenty of supply to absorb new orders. Take advantage.


@Michael_Haas what are you hearing out there?


I haven’t poked my head too far out of the office today, but I did talk to a vendor yesterday who said Euro is WICKED (sorry – VERY – he and I are both from Maine) available. There was something about Russia usually buying up Ukraine and Euro spruce, but not so much lately (for obvious reasons).

@tim_hanson I’m hoping the economists are as accurate as weather forecasters in this case. I really do think sometimes they use a Ouija board and some dice to predict things…


thank you for sharing what you’re hearing @Craig_Parker ! Could this be region dependent within the US and Canada? Say demand is outstripping supply in the South but not in the North East such as Maine where @Craig_Parker is?
@Matt_Layman @David_Stallcop @David_Bagdy @tim_hanson


Sales of Russian spruce boards from east coast ports have been very strong this week.


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