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Hello lumber industry innovators and gurus! You are our favorite users – knowledgeable, learning-hungry, and at the forefront of the industry.

So with your visionary sense, where you do think the lumber prices will be next month? Is there a trend in the making? Can you see the writing on the wall?

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higher, but probably not significantly


@Neill_Gibson Thanks for sharing! Have you voted in the poll so your view is captured?


I’ve noticed prices going up by alot the last weeks, mainly Scandinavian spruce and pine. it’s a phenomenon that happened 2 years ago for the first time that we met such prices and it repeated itself last year significantly. I expect this year to be the same BUT now it’s not due to covid obstructions in sawmills and international transport, now it’s part the conflict happening in Ukraine and the recovering of transport after the closure of big ports around the world. We get the feeling sawmills get more confidence about the selling part and who they can sell to on a constant level so their production is filled. The sawmills positions keeps growing throughout these crises, nonetheless this is my personal opinion. Prices in Europe will still rise next month, maybe not as much as the last weeks but they will.


Are you saying the constant level of selling from the mills increasing and this is giving mills the confidence to raise their prices?