Lumber Market...Resist Irrational Over Reaction

Lumber market volatility is caused by irrational human behavior. We the participants make it happen, and only we the participants can keep a lid on our individual emotional reactions. Much of the condition is legitimate supply and demand imbalance, but more of it is our choice of conversation. i.e., words, voice inflection, inflammation of facts vs fiction. Everyone has a plan, said Mike Tyson, until they get hit in the face.

Remember your plan and how you got where you are, especially after taking a nasty punch in the face. Remember this above all else, “Everyone Talks Their Position”. Consider that before changing your proven lumber market strategy on an emotional whim.



You did mention this situation in your comments last week. I was somewhat neutral and didn’t see what it looks like is happening by another leg higher. Higher to us older traders means $30/mbf rise in 6 months not in 30 seconds . I wouldn’t be short !!!


@Matt_Layman lumber sage, here is another quote for you.
“Change the way you look at things, and the things look at change”. Strategies can sometimes be orderly mediators between our emotional selves and a chaotic world, helping us stay level headed and make better decisions.

What are some of the simple strategies that have led to your success? Open question for anyone…