Lumber, Oil, Natural Gas & Oh Vey”

Oh Vey Lumber continues to climb higher on supply and transportation woes. Patience ,Perseverance and Planning is about all you can do at this point. Can you risk not having something and that’s a serious question. If you are is the supply distribution model it’s definitely the time to pare purchases and protect what you have. If you know you have work or projects and just need to cover then you might as well go to Las Vegas if you still need to buy. Nothing is for sure but if you have to buy something then using the “3P’s” will be critical . It appears we will see higher prices for the next few months although I cannot persuade myself that anything bought still has a large margin for error . Good Luck and Have and Awesome Day .

Inflation In Depth: Lumber, Oil And Natural Gas


Great post! What do you get when you mix flat supply with high demand?