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A high school principal is apologizing for lack of sportsmanship after the football team won a game 106-0

There are a few ways to look at this:
1)if I was 11 again and at an all you can eat ice
Cream party the score would be worse by comparison.
2)it’s really hard to stop scoring if the other team is that bad. Let ‘em play and apologize later I guess .( I’ve always been on the team that scores 0 but scoring 106 looks fun. I hope everyone got to touch the ball :wink:
3)The team that didn’t score might want to try another sport?? Just saying
4)Horrible planning and coaching ! You don’t just walk into a game and put up 106 without being a massive favorite. Both coaches should be blamed not the kids. The kids want to play no matter what.
5)it’s a game and players will have stories forever to talk about.

Happy Friday and have an Awesome weekend.


@Michael_Haas morale of the kids on the losing team must be quite low – i feel for them and you are right – it’s a badly matched game and the grownups fault, who should know better


I agree with @Nadia, the kids moral must be low and the coach is most likely to blame. If a coach loves the game, then so will the team and moral will be high. In my experience (playing for and against), a team with high moral that loves the game will always beat a better drilled team with low moral.

As for lumber markets … who has the higher moral right now? lumber suppliers or lumber end-users?