Mexico is the top export market for US Softwood Lumber in both volume and dollars! - David @ Stallcop Group LLC

On a 2x4 nominal basis, the net 907,356m3 of softwood lumber that the US exported to Mexico is the equivalent of approximately 586 million board feet.

This market is continuing to grow for US softwood lumber producers and exporters.

If you are not a member yet and you export US lumber to Mexico or any export markets, let me know. I am currently the acting President of the Pacific Lumber Exporters Association and we would like to discuss your possible membership in our Association. This is our 100th year as a trade association and many of our members work closely with each other to develop export trade markets around the world.


I am hearing more and more about people inquiring into Mexico…

If you guys know any wood companies in Mexico, then lets get them on Pakira!


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