Mid-Week Lumber Report

BTW…This was his first attempt and he went on to win a Gold Medal (made up news for effect). I wouldn’t be lulled to sleep 2022 is around the corner and wouldn’t be surprised to see lumber double in price in 2022. (That’s a personal opinion and could be wrong)


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@Michael_Haas I would have believed you!


I like that you say it how you think it is and I think you are onto something. Yes, everyone is talking about softness at this moment, but if we zoom out… the macro narrative has not changed. We are still in boom times. I think @Jim_Schumacher is right on the money, I’d put my money on a slight pull back. Then in 2022 you might be right… onward and upward!

What does everyone else think?


@Michael_Haas what do you think about some reports that the 2 week delivery timeline from mills is softening and they are starting to quote shorter delivery timelines? Softening of the market on the supply side? there’s gotta be a reaction to this insanity at some point!

@Andrew_Gibson i’m not betting any $ either way!

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Don’t forget mills only price and sell a portion of their production.

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What do they do with the rest? Sell overseas? Work into future pricing?

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