More Floods British Columbia Nov 2021

A drought over summer followed by massive amounts more rain than usual, and 3 atmospheric rivers – which in one or two days brought volumes of rain equal to an entire wet month – when the ground was already saturated have caused extensive damage to transportation infrastructure all through British Columbia.

More heavy rain started Monday night and is supposed to last until Wednesday night.
Impact on lumber is more on supply chain than the production; Tuesday West Fraser announced downtime at it’s western operations. Lumber transport has been down almost -30% while pulp transport has been down more than -80%.

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The destruction along the atmospheric river is incredible and humbling! I have never seen such destruction… I am at a loss for words…

Are there any estimates on how long it will take to repair all of this destruction?

@Madison_s_Lumber_Rep I hope you and your family are able to stay safe and take care of your basic needs. How is this impacting you personally?


For me personally nothing has changed as Vancouver itself was not impacted by the flooding, and I am at the top of the first hill.
Right now there is gas rationing, voluntary, not because we don’t have gas but because it needs to go first to essential services and commercial trucking.
The farms and ranches have flooded so I am sure that dairy products will be hard to find this winter (eggs, milk, butter).

As for the highways, they will not be fixed this winter. Even in good weather it will take months of re-construction. It is very complicated because the course of some of the rivers have changed.
It’s not even winter yet so very hard to say how this will all go.